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Products and installation

Installing solar panels is a great way to become self-sufficient in electricity. You will not be so affected by the ups/downs in the electricity market and your house will automatically increase in value. From the first day the installation is complete your electricity costs will be reduced. All electricity that is left over is automatically sold to your electricity company. If you want to be completely self-sufficient, batteries can be used to store the power until use.
Our solar panels mainly come from China and the United States. If you don't have solar panels before, you also need an inverter to convert the power into electricity (see image below), they are made in Canada.
We give you a 5-year warranty on all solar panels and installations. All prices depend on how the price is in dollars when ordering.

Solar panels

Aluminum solar panels.
450W monocrystalline.
The type of solar panel is chosen according to the place.


Solar panels

Solar plant of 3 kW, 5 kW and 10 kW. It can be on-grid or off-grid, with lithium battery backup.



To convert energy into electricity.
3000, 5000, 6000,10000 and 15000 W.

Batteri solpanel esol.jpg


Battery to store energy.
We use Pylontech lithium batteries.


Solar panels

Aluminum support structure.

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